Wonder is defined as astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience. I love that each season of Advent is filled with wonder as we anticipate once again the mystery of Jesus’ coming.

I remember a moment of Christmas wonder the year of my sixth birthday. My seventy-two year old grandmother lived in a tiny house where only the living room had heat.  She was a very content, joyful lady but all her life she had lived on the edge of poverty. On cold days her bedroom felt just like a walk in refrigerator. In the bedroom sat her trunk, her prized possession where she kept all her treasures.

Just before Christmas that year she must have felt that I crossed some major maturity milestone because that was the year she sent me by myself into that chilly room to open up the treasure chest, her trunk. The moment I entered the room and felt the chill I also experienced the sweet scent of wonder. I still live in that moment at times. It was filled with mystery and awe.

As I opened the trunk I immediately saw the source of that sweet scent. The trunk was filled with oranges, apples, nuts and candy.  My grandmother had sent me to this place to find my Christmas present. She had also invited me to choose a piece of fruit and a hand full of nuts and candy to enjoy – but the true gift I received that day was the experience. Somehow I knew that my grandmother treasured her relationship with me and sent me on this mysterious adventure as part of the gift.

Today, that experience still fills my heart with wonder and her trunk now sits in my own bedroom as a treasured reminder.

Wonder is an experience of Christmas I never want to miss. It is something I want to share this year with my family, especially my six year old grandson, Joshua.

My hope for you is that you too will experience wonder this Advent season – something awesomely mysterious and new, something that draws you closer to the treasure of life found in Jesus.

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  1. Lucy November 30, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    What a beautiful story, Sharon. Thank you for sharing it as we approach this season of wonder and the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

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