Making Disciples

It seems that more and more often I have the privilege of watching as our church family offers its very best. Tonight the United Methodist Women did just that as they offered warm hospitality with excellence and honored one of their own.

Brenda Jobe is a woman who has served God and others with deep love and wild enthusiasm. I know this because I’ve experienced it first-hand!

In just a few short years here at First Methodist Mansfield, Brenda has become a spiritual mom to dozens of women and has claimed Robbie Erwin as her own. She has nurtured women into joining a bible study group for the first time ever and then walked alongside some of those same women as they became bible study leaders themselves.

Brenda is one of those disciples we describe as Christ-centered. Every segment of her life seems to be infused with a desire for us to see what she sees – how great God is!

Let me just simply say, Brenda Jobe’s labor of love has made a difference here and the fruit of her labor showed up to honor her tonight.

As I looked around the room at the faces of all the women who were there to say “thank you” to Brenda, I was reminded of the way God moves in and through us to accomplish his vision for the church. It was an inspiring moment!

I’m so very proud of the hearts and the mission work of our United Methodist Women and I’m thankful that Brenda Jobe continues to serve at First Methodist Mansfield.

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